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Saandhha Oil


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Saandhha Oil widely known as (Sanda Oil) is PENILE NOURISHMENT MASSAGE OIL for men’s external use. Often called a magic potion for penis enlargement and cure for a male sexual system.           ..

Saandhha Oil widely known as (Sanda Oil) is PENILE NOURISHMENT MASSAGE OIL for men’s external use. Often called a magic potion for penis enlargement and cure for a male sexual system.                

With 100% Safe and Ayurveda know how of preparing massage oil using essential secret aphrodisiac herbs which helps in treating numerous male sexual related issues like Small Size penis, Erection issue, Thickness or girth, Sexual Performance, ejaculatory pressure, Premature Ejaculation, and so on.

Saandhha oil is a mixture of KALAUNJI OIL (SMALL FENNEL/NIGELLA SEED) - 0.5 ml, ASWAGANDHA EXT. (WINTER CHERRY) - 100 mg, BASE: Mustard Oil Base - Q.S. to 5 ml with a procured brand of REPL an ISO, GMP, FSSAI and PCI DSS as an ensured organization.

Why Saandhha oil?

Saandhha Oil helps regenerate the cells needed for growth of your penis, basically works by loading testosterone, therapeutic herbs, and Vitamin E into the tissue of your penis and cells which results in 

·         Improving impotence and premature ejaculation

·         Increased frequency of erections

·         Increase hardening and thickening of penile structure

·         Improve sperm quality

·         Repairs damaged veins from over masturbate.

·         Increase Sexual strength

·         healthy testicles and increase male vigor

Benefits of using Saandhha Oil

Bottle of Saandhha Oil is packed with multiple benefits for male sexual organ, with few listed below.

Penis Enlargement

Small penis is a subject of worry for many males around the world. More often it is frustrating for their female partner with high sexual desires. It is beneficial to apply and use of Sanda oil which helps in increasing Penis size, thickness, and girth.

Sandha oil should be used regularly used with gentle massage over the male genitals which results in enlarge penis size. With regular use, the size of your penis can get increased about 2 to 3 inches.

Recover and advances sexual stamina

Shorter sexual intercourse put your sexual pleasure on hold and may become a problematic reason for couples. To fight with low sexual stamina or short sexual drive (also termed as Premature Ejaculation), through aphrodisiac elements Sandha Oil helps & relaxes your overly excited nerves which are responsible for ejaculation in a short time.

Regular use of Saandhha oil not only recovers your sexual stamina but also increases it to an extreme level to fulfill every desire.

Stronger Erection

A weak erection won’t even let you start your sexual drive. With incapable male organ, you won’t be able to cross the threshold required by your partner, until your male sexual system is strong. This may also lead to male impotency (If not treated on time) where the male is unable to acquire a stronger erection.

Sandha Oil is the best cure as it contains Kalaunji Seed oil that puts an end to erectile dysfunction problem in males and gives them a stronger & erect penis.

Strengthens Penile Muscles

Penile muscles play a major role in male erection and strength. Penile muscle is the muscle area over the penis. Consistent usage of Sanda Oil toughens your penile muscles and increase the thickness and girth of your penis which is similarly important to the penis size.

Cures Male Impotency

With an increased number of male sexual issue, male impotence is the results of various inappropriate situations where male sexual organs reach the stage of incapability to have an erection. This is caused due to nerves connected to the male organ fails to have the adequate blood flow which is needed for erections.

Ayurvedic Saandhha oil uses Ashwagandha, one of the main ingredient which acts as a male rejuvenator and strengthener all your nerves connected and regulates better blood flow.

100% Safe (If used properly)

As a gift of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic products have the least side effects. Saandhha oil has no any known side effects. Even use of Saandhha oil doesn't cause any kind of drug interference and can be used during some medical conditions.


How to use Saandhha Oil?

Step1: Apply on male genital organ (Spread oil over penis shaft bur avoid glans or scrotum)

Step2: Massage penis shaft gently with Saandhha oil till they get completely absorbed by the skin

Step3: Avoid use of water until 30 minutes from the time of massage.

Step4: Proper usage is important for a better result. Massage with 8-10 drops twice a day for at least 3 months.


Any side effects of Saandhha Oil?

Saandhha oil is a 100% natural ayurvedic product, it does not have any known side effects. However, it is advisable not to use Sanda oil if you have any open cuts or wounds on your male genital organ, usage must be avoided till the wound is cured as it may result in worsening wound. Product may be avoided if a person is allergic to the components used in Sanda Oil, check the composition before applying.

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