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Liv.52 is a daily care product from Himalaya Drug company , which take care of your liver by maintaining it's regulatory, stimulates your appetite and further improves digestion.            ..

Liv.52 is a daily care product from Himalaya Drug company , which take care of your liver by maintaining it's regulatory, stimulates your appetite and further improves digestion.                            
With a busy tracked life of ours we forgot to keep our self-healthy. Our liver also needs support to maintain its functioning optimal. Liv.52 has developed in such way that it focuses on liver health, ingredients such as kasani and himsara which are infused in Liv.52 supports and protects the liver against infective hepatitis and other liver toxins.

Hundreds of research studies and clinical trials are conducted to form Liv 52(Himalaya). Liv. 52 is made up of natural remedial ingredients which exhibit hepatoprotective properties against induced toxicity. The composition of appetizer herbs also improves digestion and appetite. Liv.52 reinstate the functionality of liver and its efficiency by acting as a shield for hepatic parenchyma and helps in regeneration of hepatocellular. Liv.52 prevents the harm of the functional integrity of cellular membrane due to its antiperoxidative properties, which also catalyze the oxidation of organic substances. Liv.52 also weakens the lipotropic effect and prevents fatty intrusion of the liver. Liv.52 prevents the liver from getting damaged by reducing the effect of cirrhosis.


Why choose Liv 52?

In every study and research done over Liv.52, it gives the same result of hepatoprotection and beneficial results in improving liver health and function. Here, we list some of the benefits of Liv.52


Improve in appetite

Liv.52 is the composition of various enzymes and appetizers that encourages hungriness in a body and even normalizes. It is the best medication for people who are suffering from underweight, abnormal appetite.


Shielding from alcohol-related ailments

Regular intake of alcohol can damage the liver functionality but even then people are not realizing the adverse effect. Various illness can be acquired from alcohol intakes such as alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and alcoholic cirrhosis. With the use of Liv.52 person can reduce the effect of alcoholic diseases as Liv52 is proactive in defending all alcoholic diseases. 


Eliminates digestion problem

The liver plays an important role in digestive synchronization. Being the chemical factory of the body, the liver is responsible for the discharge of digestive enzymes. Regular use of Liv.52 will make maintain livers functionality of proper secretion of digestive enzymes.

Cure from cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is an infection which makes damaged tissues to replace or affect the healthy one causing various problems over the functioning of liver like hormones secretion, toxin eradicate and blood flow. Use of Liv.52 eliminates cirrhosis and further improves the damaged caused by it.

How to use?

Commonly dosage for Liv 52 is

1 Tablet/day for kids

2-3 Tablets/Day for adults

5-6 Tablets/Day for old age.

Further requirements or uses can be different as per different genre and prescription.

Some common use for Liv.52 is for Prevention and treatment of Viral Hepatitis, Alcoholic liver diseases, Underweight, loss of appetite.

Any side effects of Liv.52?

There are no known side effects of using Liv52, except the part of dosage needed and sugar level of the body.  

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