Ayurveda Knowledge

Before the advancement of modern medicine, in ancient times sages of India developed various remedies for the health needs of the human body. Ayurveda is the best medicinal practices originated from Indian subcontinents thousand years back and has been accepted globally as one of the best and oldest holistic healing systems for the whole body. Ayurveda is considered as the knowledge of life and longevity where the “Ayur” from Ayurveda stands for life and the “Veda” means science or knowledge. Various researchers have developed a theory that the Human health and wellness is completely dependent over the bond of human brain and body adjoining the spirit.  Worldwide Ayurveda therapies and medicines along with yoga and herbs are used by people to enrich their health and maintain their abilities to the fullest. The natural cycle of eating, sleeping, working, and meditation are those over which Ayurveda operates. But with unstable routines and hectic lifestyle now day’s major portion of the population is unable to maintain their health and are suffering from some illness. The acceptance of Ayurveda and the usage of ayurvedic medicine in their day to day life can enhance their health and keep the human body on track with enriching their immunity and potential.

Ayurvedic medicines: What and why?

Ayurvedic Medicines are considered as complementary and alternative medicine derived and formed using the know-how of Ayurveda. Sages used to describe the human body as three elements (mind, body, and spirit) and the imbalance between these elements give rise to illness. And recently after the technological advancement and changed lifestyle, various researches have established the result that most of the human body is in need of care. Being the worldly accepted ayurvedic medicine, proponents of ayurvedic medicines claim that the regular usage of ayurvedic medicine (supplements) and healthy diet maintain in addition to implement yoga in lifestyle will give the substantial result to health. As per the promoters and practitioners of Ayurveda human body is made up of five basic elements of the universe (space, air, fire, water, and earth) and the combination of the elements give rise to life forces and energies which controls human body mechanism. These Doshas mentioned in the book of Ayurveda (Vedas) are Vata dosha representing space and air, Pitta dosha for fire and water and the third one Kapha dosha for the water and earth. An imbalance between them can cause illness but with Ayurvedic medicine treatment and ayurvedic therapies should be considered for almost all the disease as the proponents suggest that Ayurvedic medicines not only capable of curing diseases but also improves immunity of the human body and gives shield from external harmful effects.

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